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Protective jacket Protect Pro Eco CANO CONCEPT BY BROWNING.

Composition of the waistcoat Protect Eco:
Gilet of protection Kevlar-Twaron for the dogs with wild boar with technical fabric anti-perforation Kevlar. The waistcoat Protect Eco is composed of 6 layers of Kevlar/Twaron selected among tens of references to the different features all. The type of the Kevlar/Twaron at summer selected thanks to many the test of perforation established by Laboratory ITV in Germany. The external fabric of covering of the waistcoat Protect Eco version 2010 is a fabric 100% will cordura, very resistant to the aggressions of the biotopes, and an incredible flexibility, leaving an excellent mobility to the dogs. This fabric is treated with 2 layers of induction, which makes it possible the waistcoat to be déperlant and almost impermeable. That also allows aramide (Kevlar-Twaron) anti drilling machine, to be protected from moisture and UV. A new wire of seam much more resistant to summer selected in order to limit its deterioration.
Test of perforation:
This test is carried out in Germany by a specialized laboratory, it is carried out using a rectangular point of sword of 3 mm with dimensions having like end a pile of the pyramidal type reversed. This point is propelled at 6 meters a second out of 10 samples of fabric and the average of the 10 tests gives the value of perforation in newton.
Concrètement, the composition of the 8 layers of the waistcoat Protect Eco resists the perforation until a point of sword comes to vertically strike it at a speed of 6 meters a second with a weight higher than 4257 NR is approximately 425 KG.
- System of closing 100% Velcro
- Passing for the neck
- reflective retro Band with marking of the n° of telephone
- Color: orange
- Sizes: 9 different sizes are proposed, these sizes are easy to identify, considering it is the turn of breast piece. Indeed, to know the good size of the waistcoat, it is enough to measure the turn of breast piece of the dog. Other dimensions are standardized compared to the turn of breast piece because it is this measurement which is most important, the neck and the belly which can be regulated thanks to the Velcros. The turn of breast piece must be measured with precision (flexible meter or string) in order to know its exact dimension, its measurement should not be too tight, it must skim the hairs of the dog simply. Never not to take a waistcoat of higher size worthy of its dog, because for this reason the waistcoat wounds the dog on the level of the front legs, causing frictions with each movement. Example: a T65 size corresponds to a dog whose turn of breast piece makes 65 cm. If your dog makes 62 cm by taking measurement as I indicate it before, it will be necessary to take T65. More the small size corresponds to a turn of breast piece of 45 cm, either to a dachshund, the following sizes go 5 cm in 5 cm, or T45, T50, T55, T60, T65, T70, T75, T80 and T85. The T85 size corresponds to a kind of dog like the great Blue of Gascogne.

Correspondance of the sizes:
T45/T50/T55: Dachshund, Terrier Jack, Jack Russel, Fox terrier burrow, Beagle
T60/T65/T70: Kopov, Dachsbracke, From the Ariège, Small blue, blue, Fawn-coloured Griffin of Brittany, Porcelain, Vendean Lighter, Bruno of the Jura
T75/T80/T85: Great Blue, Korthal, Large Gascon, Drahthaar, Large Vendean, Nevers-native, French Anglos
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