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Grip Plastic Fishgrip HPA.

All right come from the USA where there exists since many years, PLASTIC FISHGRIP is finally available in France. Its construction of the type grips plastic autobloquante and stainless brings only advantages compared to the traditional fish grips:

it does not rust (ideal for the sea)
it floats and is of bright color (ideal for the kayak or the float tube)
it is light (250 grams, it will be made forget in fishing on foot)
it opens and is blocked with only one hand
it does not damage fish thanks to the surface of contact of its
jaws broad and without salient angles
it turns when one holds it by the cord integrated
it is integrated perfectly in the pockets of bags HPA, in particular new Sooper Trooper for the street fishing

Important: To use PLASTIC FISHGRIP or any other grip with precaution not to wound fish. Not to suspend it by the mouth and always to support its body with the second hand. As far as possible, to leave fish in water and to use the grip only to maintain it time to remove the hooks.

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