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Fence anti-runs away with electrostatic impulses INNOTEK SD 2100E for ground going up to 10 hectares. Is appropriate for any types of dogs.

The transmitting case is placed under shelter, to which the wire of antenna is connected. The wire of antenna is buried or attached to an object fixes in order to delimit the authorized zone, placed in order to form a closed loop in which the animal will be. At the beginning, you can delimit this zone authorized by flags of delimitation, being used as visual reference marks during the raising of your animal. Your animal carries a receiving collar whose contactors touch its neck. When your animal reaches the zone of warning delimited by the wire of antenna, the receiving collar emits a sound beep preceding an electrostatic stimulation which corrects its bad behavior and incites it to move away from the limit fixed by the wire of antenna.
- 152m of wire antenna
- 3 levels of stimulation
- indicator of alert cut cables
- refillable collar on transformer (provided) (time of load: 12:00)
- collar seals with the immersion
- site for piles of help in the event of power cut (autonomy: 48H)
- sound beep of warning before the sanction
- indicator indicating the recall of load of the collar: the indicator is green when the collar is charged, orange when the battery is weak and red when that there is no more battery.

product conforms to standards EC

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