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Pet fence Canifugue de Num' axes. Overflowing of vitality, your faithful companion always does not know his limits and causes some damage such as: deteriorations of floors of flowers, of kitchen gardens, felt sorry for more dramatic vagrancy…
But, it can be at the origin or victim of a road accident.
Flexible, esthetic and functional, CANIFUGUE makes possible to maintain one or more of your companions, with complete freedom, in a perimeter that you define.
CANIFUGUE adapts on all types of grounds: released, timbered, undulating, enclosed or not.

Reliable and effective

- guarantee: 2 years
- collar seals at immersion
- surface: 1 hectare
Approved for 400 m of line of antenna (0.75 mm ² or 1.5 mm ²)
- autonomy collar: 6 months (normal use)

product in conformity with the European standards

the line is posed on the ground, is buried or air on an existing fence.
So that the system Works, the line must form an uninterrupted loop.

Composition of the CANIFUGUE 1 collar ref. CFUGUE:
• a case
• a collar equipped with a battery and short electrodes
• a set of long electrodes
• a transmitting case and its power supply unit
• 100 meters of line of antenna coating polyethylene
• a transmitting connector of connection
• a pack of 3 connectors of connection line of antenna
• a pack of flags
• a lamp neon test
• an instruction manual
• a without CD-ROM (descriptive of the mode of installation)
• a certificate of simple guarantee

piloting for 1 or several dogs (unlimited):
• Knob ON/OFF
• zone warning with sound emissions of beeps (adjustable from 6 to 0.40 m)
• zone sanction with emission of stimulations (adjustable: approximately 1.50 m, 0.80 m or 0.30 m)
• security system integrated

Canifugue is flexible, according to the size and of the character of your dog: 8 levels of intensity of stimulation are available on the same collar.

automatic system
As soon as the animal carrying the collar crosses the protected area, it is informed by a sound beep.
If it continues to advance, it is sanctioned by a stimulation.
It is like a virtual wall.

• weight of the collar: 69 G (case +battery)
• strap monofilament: length 76 cm - adjustable with the neck from 20 to approximately 67 cm
• food transmitting case: on sector
• food collar: 1 battery 3V Lithium CR 2

NB: This product is to standards This (imported identical products of the USA are not to standards EC)

to You is offered a stainless lunch box dog.
• Ø 21cm - 1.75 L
• Offer valid within the limit of stocks available' Picks

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