Pet Fencing Systems

Your Dog is an explorer and likes to run away as soon as you have your back turned? Very playful, does your pet take your neighbor's garden as a playground? A simple and effective solution is available to you: a containment system mainly consisting of a transmitter, a Cable and a collar for your Dog.
To avoid unsightly barriers around your property, electronic fences can be buried and become totally invisible. . So you have the option of delimiting the boundaries of your dog's territory with the buried thread.
If your dog approaches the perimeter marked by your care, it then receives a warning sound (or vibration on some models). In case your loyal companion ventures beyond the set limits, he receives electrostatic stimulation. Unpleasant, this alert is triggered by his intention to escape. Though totally harmless, your Dog will quickly understand the boundaries of its territory.
New models, wireless, are also available! It is a transmitter box, with which you can delimit a circular space several tens of meters in diameter around it. As soon as the dog ventures beyond the limits, the same principle as a traditional containment system, your pet receives electrostatic stimulation.
So you can leave your mind at ease, while letting your Dog run freely in your property with security!
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