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Reference : 04.620A
Weight (g) : 800
Bearings : 2
Recommended retail price : €278.30
reel BAM 620 A from Peerless, model droitier.
This reel is defined by:
- a weight interesting for an entirely metal envelope and a reel (aluminum alloy in AS9U3 injected and cut out AG3 and pressing) where is integrated, in a highly reliable way, a robust mechanics: 800g. This lightness is appreciated for this fishing active.
- a collected and lately decorated form decorative plates and gleaming colors.
- an effective front brake made up of a Knob, easily manoeuvrable, where a brass nut, a spring of compression and slices of friction are placed.
- a fast Retrieve, on a roller turning out of hard chrome brass, ensured by the positive ratio of robust gears (crown out of bronze and pinion of brass rotor) and precis (cut in the mass) assembled on 2 large very robust bearings with billes stainless cage, associated with an medium diameter of reel (that ranging between the central hub and the edge external of the external flask) very large.
- the system of release of the handle of basket rests on the perfect relation between a spring with traction, hung in the rotor, which is tightened, in stable position on a cam, when the handle is opened, manually, for casting. For the automatic Retrieve of the wire, the cam, started by the crank, destabilizes the spring, which, by traction, brings back the handle of basket in position of Retrieve of the line. Moreover, one system complementary to safety prevents the handle of basket from inopportunely folding back thus avoiding the brutal return of the palengrote.
- non-return reliable, retractable, soft but perceptible: during the starting of the catch, the line is braked and involves the reel which sounds in a very strident way (patented system).
- a catch in ergonomic hand on the level of the foot (held on cane), of the handle and the Knob of brake.
- a remote throw and precis due to its enveloping reel, with its good reserve of line and provided with a strip to grip it at the end of the fishing party.
For fishing in surf casting, salmon, the bar, the sar, on the oceanic beach, for fishing to be supported on board a boat but also for the rod and reel fishing heavy for pike, carp, salmon and catfish on the deep estuaries and lakes.

Exemple of capacity of wire: Length: 225 m; Diameter (100th/mm): 50; Retrieve moy. (m/tour): 0,90.

Guarantee 5 years.
Made in France Métropolitaine

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