Fly fishing requires powerful tackle which need to be adapted to the environment: River, reservoir (lake), sea or adapted to the targeted fish. Every fish catch the fly : brown trout, grayling or salmon.... Pike, bass, black bass, carp or chub in freshwater; sea bass, bonefish, trevally and mullet in saltwater.Here you will find the widest choice of specialized brands at the best price: JMC Mouches de Charette, Devaux, G Loomis, Loop, TFO, Vision, Scierra, Airflo, Vivarelli... .
The tackle will include a rod , a reel , manual or semi-automatic on which you put fly line, natural or artificial extended by the tippet. If you master the casting technique you will be able to cast an artificial fly (dry fly, nymph or even streamer) intended to lure the fish. Accessories can complete the set: fly lines , fly fishing vest, landing net, fly case, polarized sunglasses...If you want to be in the water, waders and wading shoes are necessary. If you want to enjoy to catch a fish with your fly, go to the fly tying department.
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