Fishfinder Deeper Smart Sonar Pro +

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Shipping within 24h
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• Size : 6.5cm diameter
• Weight : 100g
• Construction : ABS
• Compatibility : From IOS8.0 and Android 4.0to the lasts devices of IOS and Android
• Sonar type : Doubles beams
• Frequency : 290kHz (15°) / 90kHz (55°)
• Reach max/mini : 80m / 0.5m
• Power : Variable till 15scans/sec
• Temperature : Detector showing the temperature
• Unit temperature : Celsius / Fahrenheit
• Operational temperature : from -20°C to 40°C
• Alimentation : Micro USB type B, 5V DC, 450mA max
• Intern battery : Lithium-polymer, rechargeable 3.7V, 850mAh
• Recommended adaptator (no included) : Entrance AC 100V/240V, Exit micro USB, 5V 450mA
• Connection : Wi-fi (wireless)
• Reach: Till 100m, depends on the model of the smartphone and the exploitation system

Sonar characteristics :
• Connection Wi-Fi
• GPS module integrated
• Doubles beams sonar
• Operates at sea and in freshwater
• Very light portable design
• Rechargeable battery, 5h30 battery life with a single charge and a continual use
• Complete recharge time : 2 hours

Application characteristics :
• Real time cartography and possibility to reach gratis map in off mode line
• Unlimited data historical
• Ice fishing mode
• Depth, temperature, depth structure, fish location
• Calendrier solaire et lunaire, notes de pêche, appareil photo, partage réseaux sociaux
• Mode écran classique et jour/nuit
• Pause mode which allows energy saving in water (battery saving mode))

Box content :
• Deeper Smart Sonar PRO +
• USB cable
• A transport bag made of neopren
• 2 ties
• An user guide for a safety use according to the regulation in force
Models & specificities Descriptive Reviews Test du produit A question Besoin de formation
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Bought something small as a gift for Christmas and was very pleased with how quick the parcel arrived to the UK


Great items and service. Received in UK much quicker than expected. Genial.


Excellent transaction, delivered on time I would recommend them

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