Jigging Spoon Sakura Crazy Anchoa - 90G

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Recommended retail price : €8
Crazy Anchoa Jig is a realistic casting jig, the shape of the head and lanky template have the profile of anchovies that feed carnivorous throughout the summer season. The Crazy Anchoa Jig is specifically designed asymmetrically to produce an erratic swimming action.
With this feature, the resulting movement perfectly simulates jerky swimming actions of panicked prey attempting to flee a predator. In linear recovery, the head of the jig will stay in the center of recovery while the caudal will oscillate, beating successively from right to left. To amplify further the illusion, the sides of Crazy Anchoa adopt new holographic films particularly bright and attractive! These jigs are fitted with a treble hook ultra sharp and high quality, able to cope with all pelagic fish (tuna, bonito, Spanish mackerel, bass, etc.) you will encounter.
The sizes 65 g and 90 g for using them more easily from the shore in the Atlantic rollers, or vertical jigging.

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