Waterproof Bag Sinkable Hpa Infladry 16

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Bag seals sinkable Infladry 16 HPA.

- Tight up to 5 m
- monofilament coats PU
- Weldings high frequency
- tight Closing TIZIP Masterseal 10
- deflating/inflating Valve

satchel INFLADRY 16 is an intended product with the professionals needing a bag perfectly waterproof, the air, dust and the moisture, and for which the constraint of weight is important. This bag whose weight is lower than one kilo can replace a tight bag of Pelicase type or Explore Box in most situations, by offering absolute sealing and protection to the shock. It is a perfect product for the wet tropical zones and the activities at sea (photographers, maritime affairs and customs, chases with broad, etc)

satchel INFLADRY 16 is tight up to 5 meters (provided that it does not contain air). When it is inflated, it gets an excellent protection with the shocks of its contents, and will ensure its buoyancy (for a weight lower than 15 kg). Each bag is put in pressure individually during 24:00 before being marketed to make sure of their perfect sealing.

the INFLADRY 16 is delivered with an internal simple neoprene cover, getting a first level of protection to the transported material.

- Bag manufactured out of fabric monofilament coats PU, assembled by welding high frequency.
- tight Closing TIZIP Masterseal 10.
- deflating/inflating Valve.
- 6 reinforced rings nylon.
- removable shoulder-belt.
- Dimensions: Length 40 cm, Height 29 cm, Thickness 19 cm
- Volume: 16 liters
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Bought something small as a gift for Christmas and was very pleased with how quick the parcel arrived to the UK


Great items and service. Received in UK much quicker than expected. Genial.


Excellent transaction, delivered on time I would recommend them

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