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20 days for returns
A very strong specialist carp pole that will easily handle large carp or other powerful fish on the strongest tack-
le. All sections are specially reinforced, including a visible X carbon weave on the middle sections, to add extra
levels of strength and durability. In addition, the most common breakage areas near the section ends have
also been overwrapped to resist the cracking and damage caused by gripping the pole too tightly or contact
with seatbox legs, rollers etc. The Powercarp pole is “ready to fish” with pre-bushed, big bore, topkits which
will take the largest elastics without any further cutting back, so no wasted carbon or lost pole length. Elastic
rating 20+.
Available at 11.5m (pole & pole protector), with an optional upgrade pack (extension and pole protector) to
extend the pole to a true 13m.

²eX-S Powercarp 11.5m set comprises
• 11.5m ²eX-S Powercarp pole
• ²eX-S Pole Protector to fit 9.5m & 11m
• 2x SLKe-L 4.5mm/5.5mm Duo Kits
• 1x SLKL Cupping Kit
• ²eX-S Pole holdal

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