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According to the law, The price of electric and electronic products
are increased financial participation (éco-participation) due to their recycling costs .
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The calm returns thanks to the Anti-bark collar Num' Canicalm axes.
Your dog took the practice to bark with the lis external request!
the Anti-bark collar CANICALM is the solution to solve the problems caused by the excessive barkings.
the Anti-bark collar CANICALM integrates a soft of treatment of the signal which identifies only the barkings of the dog carrying the collar.
the sensitivity of detection of the barking is adjustable.

Reliable and effective
•guarantee: 1 year
•collar seals with the streamings
•autonomy: 6 months (normal use)

product in conformity with the European standards

Composition of Canicalm
ref. CCALM
•a collar equipped with short electrodes and a battery
•a lamp neon test
•a set of long electrodes
•a screwdriver of adjustment
•an instruction manual
•a certificate of simple guarantee

•with the first barking, a salvo of 6 sound beeps is emitted
•if another barking is detected before 30 seconds, 2 seconds a sound beep and a stimulation are emitted (short or long stimulation according to your choice)
•the function “stimulation” can be inhibited, only the sound beeps are then emitted

•weight: 92 G (case +battery)
•operation on battery 3V lithium CR 123 A
•adjustable collar with the neck from 20 to 67 cm

NB: Products made in France to standards EC.

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