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DVD Chasing Silver HOWARD FILMS.

“Chasing Silver” is the best pass to have access to most fantastic and spectacular show on water: the fishing of Tarpon. You will discover pros there thwarting the mistrust of these most difficult fish: even under the torrential rains. Then in the direction of Key West to Florida and its turquoise water, you go Find nose with nose with hundreds of Tarpons in full migration.

Devenez owner of the televised series which knew to put in scene the most irrational (and of most dependant) moments of fishing: the striking and the fight impressing of Tarpon to the fly. Go up with Andy Mill “Bucket Demo” and practice with him the brought closer fight, then with Billy Pate whose scene of one of these guides carried by a monster of tarpon became mythical. You will be even invited on their premises to throw an eye in their parts with fishing, overflowing of rods with fly, winches and other Necessarys materials to practice their passion. More than 2 hours of action and bonus….

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