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Carp Rod Sert Arkos Carp
Carp Rod Sert Arkos Carp
€66.50 53.80
RRP*: €66.50
Carp Rod Sert Carp Instinct
Carp Rod Sert Carp Instinct
RRP*: €46
Choosing a carp rod is an important decision for the carp fisher, and will enable you to find the brand and the model that fit you. There are few criteria to choose: the length (mostly carp rods of 10 feet, 12 feet or 13 feet), the power (carp rods of 3.5lbs, 3lbs or 2.5lbs), the brand (Fox, Nash, Starbaits, Prowess, Free Spirit, Prologic, Daïwa, Shimano, Wuchwood, Greys, JRC, Mad, Quantum Radical…) and finally the model, that depends on the budget.
For carp fishing from the bank, the obvious choice is a rod from
12 to 13 feet and 3lbs or 3.5lbs. This will enable a serene start for carp fishing beginners.
For carp stalking, a rod from 9 to 10 feet will help fishing even in blocked spots and the rod is easily transportable. These 3G rods are also ideal to fish carps from a boat.
To finish with, some rods are not concretely used to fish, but for baiting (bait rocket rods or spod rods) or sounding to know the floor’s characteristics and the depth of your spot (marker rod).

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