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46 x 30 x 36
This well designed rucksack offers you the ultimate tackle storage and transportation solution. All your essential gear is catered for, which can be perfectly organised for fast access. There's a big central compartment, a decent sized insulated bait compartment and a shallow tackle section. There are also graduated small, medium and large pockets on both sides, along with a jumbo front pocket. The latter is designed to take the flagship Prodigy Klip-Lok ® Tackle Base Box, along with Small and Medium Klip-Lok® Base Boxes - in its 11 quick access internal soft mesh pouches. This cleverly designed rucksack opens out to present tackle perfectly on the bank, also boasting reinforced base and ground contact points, a padded back support, waistband, adjustable shoulder straps, a carry handle and anchoring points for Prodigy Unhooking Mats."

Insulated bait compartment
Front pocket fits prodigy Klip-Lok® Tacklebase
Pouches to fit Klip-Lok® base boxes
Padded back support, waistband, adjustable shoulder straps
Carry handle and attachment points for prodigy unhooking mats' Picks

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