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Minn Kota
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Electrical motor Fortrex MINN KOTA.

Nothing of such as a quiet engine to circulate discreetly in the fishing areas and to approach fish without making it flee. It is the goal which Minn-Kota set by developing this equipment of propulsion with electrical energy universally appreciated by the demanding fishermen. Usable out of principal engine on the small boats, or out of strap-on booster on units of higher size.

the arm out of extruded aluminum is without any most robust doubt of fixings, with a minimum of moving parts, of the tolerance tight and a less play.

Characteristic general:
- composite material Tree flexible, robust, safe from rust, 3 times more resistant than steel and flexible device vis-a-vis an obstacle.
- Cool System Calm Power dissipating heat and generating less noise.
- Propeller Weedless Wedge-2.

See the general characteristics of the engine FORTREX

- Maximizer System controlling the power.
- Universal Sonar, sensor of depth to wiring integrated inside the tree.
- Pedal of control to cable releasing the hands.
- anodized extruded aluminum Mono-arm.
- Protect-prow Bowguard 360°
- Stabilizer Counter-Tension, which eliminates the play from the engine and reduces the noise and torsions of the arm.
- Assistance with the raising effortlessly.
- anodized aluminum Mono-arm. It is about a structural beam
which decreases torsions by 75%. Only one back pivot with bearings, with 20% of surface of contact moreover, brings more reliability, of silence and longevity.
- Counter-Tension-Stabilizer comprises a spring integrated into the
arm which applies a force in the two positions: deployed (extension) and folded up (compression). Main advantages: it reduces torsions, eliminates the play from the engine, reduced the noise and brings a rigid raising.
- Universal Sonar. Integrated partly low of the engine, the sensor is invisible, safe from any shock and of any vibration which could make flee fish. Wiring is in the tree: no the collar, of tackle nor of line outside.

See the characteristics of the engine FORTREX

Voir comparative engines Minn Kota (fresh waters - front tackle) - (format pdf, 590Ko)

Quel to choose? - (format pdf, 4,5Mo)

Comment to select an engine? - (format pdf, 376Ko)

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