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Landing Net Autain Lozere
Landing Net Autain Lozere
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Landing Net Autain Gave
Landing Net Autain Gave
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Landing Net Autain Pocket
Landing Net Autain Pocket
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In a river you will probably need a landing net with a telescopic handle to practice in wading without being too cluttered. Your landing net well hung in the back thanks to a solid clip magnetized or not. Thanks to it, you will be able to receive the fish safely and without causing him damage thanks to the appropriate meshes. In reservoir you may need a landing net with a long telescopic handle to reach your fish from the shore.

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excellent service quick delivery excellent products RIVE bodywarmer,polo ,trousers ,jumper all excellent


Excellent service and good product. My only other comment is that it would have been good to make clear I needed to pay import duty. The boots are worth it!


excellent service and customer care thank you look forward for more purchases