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170 x 125
The catfish fishing in float tube is becoming more and more popular, so MADCAT decided to propose its own expertise in this technique by signing its first tubeless float tube, the MADCAT BELLYBOAT 170cm. Special attention has been paid to stability and safety, which is why the inflated tubes are made of solid PVC of 0.7 and 0.9 millimeters. You will also find solid and wide straps on the sides. The color MADCAT also guarantees to remain visible to the other users of the river, and for maximum comfort, the dimensions of our float tube are above normal: 1,7m! Finally, what makes this float tube perfect for catfish is the seated position, enhanced on the inflatable seat, and which allows the angler to clonck effortlessly. Truly the ultimate float tube for fishing in a float tube.

• Sold with repair kit, foot pump.

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