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20 days for returns
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55 x 29 x 33
Another unique MADCAT® product: a foldable livebait bucket with an no-stink and rot-proof mesh net bag inside. Ideal for fishing from out of a boat, drifting or anchored. The angler can hang the net over de side of the boat, in the water. That way the bait fish will always be swimming in fresh water (and stay fit). When the angler wants to drive to boat, all he has to do is put the net back into the bucket. On the outside there is a special compartment for an aerator pump (not included). The bucket is big enough (55 x 29 x 33 cm) to transport even big bait fish, like small carp. The bucket is made of 100% EVA and the net is 100% soft PVC coated (often called “rubberized”).

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