Bracelet Mob For Rt650 Mob Navicom

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Mob bracelet for RT650 NAVICOM.

Complément of VHF RT-650 MOB.
This VHF is equipped with a system of reception of sound and visual signals of alarm emitted by one or more bracelets MOB during the fall of team-member over edge.

Survival kit very appreciated by all the crews which fear this kind of accident occurring without witness.

the signal is started by the man fallen to the sea, by manually activating the button of alarm of its bracelet MOB, or automatically after 100 meters of distance in the event of incapacity to carry out this operation.

VHF RT-650 MOB can ensure the simultaneous reception from 1 to 16 bracelets

strong Points:
- Seals
- Range up to 100 meters
- manual Activation of the signal of sound and visual alarm by pushbutton
- automatic Activation as soon as the bracelet moves away of more than 100 meters of the boat
- simultaneous Reception by VHF MOB to 16 activated bracelets
- Low battery indicator
Models & specificities Descriptive Reviews Test du produit A question Besoin de formation
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