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Carpfishing, requires a specific and technical tackle. Your carp rod (12 or 13 ft) must enable you to cast your rig and baits (boilies, pellets, seeds) with accuracy at long distance then to fight this powerful fish.The carp reel , bite 'n run or front drag,, must be solid.During your night sessions, your carp rods will be put in your rod pod and will wait for bite... The bip of your bite alarm will wake you. You are comfortably lying down on your bedchair and have to go out your bivvy to overcome a specimen. .
The carp landing net will be adapted to the size and to the weight of the carp and will bring her to the unhooking mat before the weighing.If you are looking for a bait boat or groundbait, line, fluorocarbon or special carp braid, our departments and the best brands, are waiting for you: Starbaits, Fox, Carpe Spirit, Korda, Mainline, Fun Fishing, Prowess, Shimano, Daiwa, Big Carp, Nash, ESP, Prologic...They are all here.

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