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Mystic: bait impossible to circumvent!
Mystic proposes a range of coloured pastes which replace the traditional baits of pole fishing.

pastes MYSTIC are easy to go up and are due well to the hook, they do not run and are insoluble in water. Nonperishable, well closed again stopper, they will be able to be kept very a long time. Can be used only, or in blended with other baits (excel result on the worms, the maggots, etc…).
color: Red, yellow, white, green, black, salmon.

In 1951, a fisherman wearied to be broken down of worms, had the brilliant idea to invent a paste to replace them. Improving very quickly its formula, aspect, odor, viscosity (it is necessary that is due to the hook) the red MYSTIC was developed such as it exists still today.


red Mystic: at the origin of the invention and 60 years afterwards, the small red tube is always favourite fishermen. Of a frightening effectiveness only or in shandy, it is of course the tube which it is necessary to have in its basket sits.

yellow Mystic: ideal paste to imitate grain of corn, wheat grain, cheese etc

white Mystic: to easily replace maggots, grain of rice, crumb of bread etc

black Mystic: ideal paste to fish with the hemp seed, the germ can even be imitated with a white addition of mystic!

green Mystic: primarily intended for a precise fishing: fishing with foam.

Mystic salmon: perfect imitation of a salmon egg with a beautiful translucent color, the experts will appreciate.

the Advice of mounting
1. To place a drop of paste on the curve of the hook.
2. To draw to make spin the paste.
3. To roll up around the pole until the line of paste yields.
4. The paste almost entirely recovers the hook.
5. For an optimal effectiveness of the striking, only or into mixed NEVER recover the barb.
6. baiting of the Mystic paste alone to carry out preferably on fine iron hook with long stem.
7. baiting blended to carry out preferably on medium iron hook with large opening.

the Advices: winner formulas:
- red Mystic only for cracklings and roaches.
- Blended red Mystic + worms of vase for large roaches and breams.
- Blended yellow Mystic + worms of compost for fish cats.
- Blended Mystic fluo salmon + gozzer red for large roaches and hybrids.
Made in France Métropolitaine
Models & specificities Descriptive Reviews Test du produit A question Besoin de formation
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