Payment methods

Pay by credit card

Fast purchase with Mastercard and Visa creditcard.

You can register your card in order to not have to type your credit card number during your next orders. You will be able to use in 1 click the registered card or to type other credit card numbers. We are not informed at any time of the bank information which are encrypted and passes from bank to bank. We do not have access at any time to this data. You can remove your card in your customer area. We just receive a validation of the transaction from the bank server.

We use the 3D Secure protocole where by your bank guarantees that only the credit card owner can authenticate the transaction. It is the guarantee that no one else cannot use your credit card on our website.

Pay with your PayPal account

With Paypal, no more need to fill in your credit card numbers to pay. Your email and your PayPal password are enough. account

This credit will be deducted on your next order. You have to log in to see your credit. You will just have to pay by credit card if this amount is higher than your credit, or nothing if it is lower.

You can use your credit several times. If the amount of your order is lower than your credit, the rest will be kept for your next orders. You can be refunded at any time.

Pay by wire transfer

Wire transfer is a secure payment method. You have to make the bank transfer within 5 days. Your order will be confirmed as soon as we receive the payment. You will find below all our bank information to make the transfer:
IBAN : FR7618715002000810063004862

Secure shopping

Secure shopping

The payment security is based on the authentification of the retailer (SP Plus certificate given by Caisse d’Epargne and Webaffaires given by Banque Nuger), on transfer confidentiality and integrity. It means that credit card numbers never appear in clear on the web. To ensure this security, SP Plus and Webaffaires are based on tried and tested cryptography technique and respect national and international rules. Both payment systems are compatible with SSL forms (128 bits).

Wie funktioniert das konkret?

The choice of the type of credit card (and the sending of the request for payment) turn your browser in secured mode SSL. A padlock or a key appear at the bottom right of your browser and the internet adress begins with "https://...". From then on, you left and you are on secured payment bank website. All data are now encrypted sont alors cryptées thanks to SSL protocol to make it confidential.

Merchant certificate

When receiving request for payment, bank server authenticates the retailer by checking the conformity and validity of his certificat. Moreover, the payment system checks the integrity of the request for payment to make sure that no one else could have modified it during transmission. The internet user cans safely give his credit card number. The retailer is authenticated. Transaction data is secured and encrypted.

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