After sales service

Defective or damaged item ? Do not worry

In the following 100 days after purchase

Refund within 72h

Beyond 100 days after purchase

Repair within 30 days.
If we do not respect this deadline, we will proceed on request to an exchange against a gift card for the amount of your product within 48 hours.
After the duration of the manufacturer's warranty, we can, on request, draw up repair estimates.

If you receive a damaged product, please contact our customer service in order to open a return case. We will contact our carrier which will plan with you a pick-up date of the defective product. As soon as we receive the product and according to your choice we will refund you or exchange the product with a new one.

More info about the refund within 72h

Warranty and after sales service.

Your purchases on are covered by the same warranties than in other traditional sales network.

  • PECHEUR.COM offers the same after sales service than a traditionnal retailer.
  • All the products are under manufacturer warranty against manufacturing defect. They will be immediately exchanged.
  • The references which benefict from an extended or a life warranty are guaranteed in the same conditions than in the traditional network.
  • In the case of a product misuse we can send you a repair quote if you want the product to be repaired.
  • You can buy spare parts on our website.

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